During my time in Arizona I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to visit Martin Chuck (@tourstrikergolf) and watch one his golf schools at the Raven Golf Club in Phoenix. Martin has long been seen as one of the top instructors in the world and also one of the leaders in online instruction and training aid design. Many of his products have been massively successful, including his most recent training aid, the PlaneMate.

Watching Martin work was an absolute treat. You can tell he never stops learning, he’s always looking for the next best thing. He’s also extremely attentive and focused on every detail. During the first part of the day, I was surprised to see Golf Channel crews show up. This was totally unexpected and not something Martin mentioned to me in advance. Then, Chris Como showed up and began filming an episode of his show ‘Swing Expedition’. Watching that was very cool!

Between the morning and afternoon sessions, the group of students, Martin, the other instructors, and I all had lunch together and I was able to ask Martin some more questions about his career and background. I asked him if he was teaching any PGA Tour players at the moment which he responded by saying that he had coached several in the past, but that he dedicates more time to his schools and facility. He said for a time he worked with Nick Taylor, a fellow Canadian PGA Tour player. What’s funny is that the same day we were having this conversation we looked up at the TV and saw Nick Taylor was leading after the first round of the AT&T Pro-Am at Pebble Beach. Sure enough, he went on to win that week!

I want to thank Martin and his incredible team for a special day! The facility, technology on site, and training aids are all very impressive to see in action, and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to see all of it firsthand.

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