Golf coach, lpga tour caddie, & content creator


“Dudeeeee, still have improvement to be made, but so much better…out of 30 balls I hit 2 pulls…thanks so much!! I could definitely feel the difference in resistance during impact, hit everything low and where I wanted it to go while staying in impact position…stoked! – Kevin L (Skillest Online Lesson)

“Henry made some great assessments of my current swing and provided the feedback I need to correct those issues. His instruction is clear and easy to put to use immediately. Very pleased to have Henry as my coach.” – Raymond (Skillest Online Lesson)

“Great analysis by Henry. He was messaging on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day asking several questions to get an understanding of what my feels were and many more qualifying questions. It is clear he takes pride as a coach and wanted to gain an understanding into my thinking before providing an analysis. I love how he shows what you do well and areas of improvement based on the best in the world and with side by side videos. Can’t wait to put our plan of action into place and seeing the results.” -Brad (Skillest Online Lesson)

“This camp was excellent, my son improved and learned how to better work on his skills. He really absorbed the direction from the pros and was able to apply it to his golf game and describe what he learned to me on the ride home.”
– Gary L (Nike Junior Golf Camp)

“I’m a very stubborn person and have only had two lessons in my golfing journey. I just recently took a lesson with Henry, with the focus on chipping. Henry had the ability to offer pointers right away. By the end of the lesson, I was hitting flop shots from juicy lies. More importantly, I got up and down for par five times during my next round and shot my best score this year. Henry provided sound advice and instilled the confidence that I needed to get my short game back. Do yourself a favor and book a lesson.” – Jeremy E

“Thanks for the help with my swing. Scores improving, still some bad shots, but seeing more good shots.” – Ray C

“I have never taken golf lessons before…I was lucky enough to work with Henry this season and in only a few lessons we were able to eliminate my typical miss of a thin-cut. He used some really cool tools and was also able to help [me] with [my] chipping and showed me how to expose the bounce to reduce risk around the greens. He’s a great guy and made the process fun as well!” – David